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Dedicated to supporting Queensland medical women and advocating for equitable health for all, especially women and children.

About Us

QMWS is a group of passionate and dedicated women. We work together to support each other and create professional development opportunities for women in the medical workforce. We promote the health and wellbeing of all Australians, in particular, women and children.

Our Membership

Membership is open to female medical students and practitioners in Queensland. We run events and networking opportunities, and provide member only resources and education. QMWS members are automatically members of the Australian Federation of Medical Women (AFMW) and Medical Women’s International Association

What We Do

Our Aims

  • To support, and further the professional development of, women in the medical workforce, including medical students
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of all Australians, in particular, women and children

Our Affiliations

We are affiliated with the Australian Federation of Medical Women which is in turn affiliated with Medical Women’s International Association.

We have members on multiple national Women’s lobby groups, particularly in relationship to women’s health.

Our Executive Committee

Dr Ira van der Steenstraten, QMWS President

Dr Ira van der Steenstraten

Emmily Bueno de Mesquita, QMWS Vice president 2023

Dr Emmily Bueno de Mesquita

vice president

Dr Kathryn Mainstone


Dr Emily Horan


Sponsorship and Bursary Team

Dr Lydia Pitcher (Lead)
Wisalya Wijesinghe
Daniella Bradshaw

Events Team

Dr Sumaiya Sayed (Lead)
Dr Anoushka Kothari
Isabella Maccarrone (+ Student rep UQ/SWIM)
Maryam Al-Karawi (+ Student rep Bond)

AFMW Representative Team

Dr Anita Sharma (Lead)
Dr Jennifer Schafer (+ AFMW Governance sub team)
Dr Catherine Yelland

Digital Communications Team

Dr Natasha (Tash) Abeysekera (Lead)
Dr Sivasaaini (Saaini) Sivakumaran 
Dr Donya Sabet
Ashwini Jaishankar (+ Assistant social media / Student rep Bond)
Serena Chern (+ Student rep Griffith)
Stephanie Sardinha
Savindie Abeynayaka (+ Student rep Griffith SSC)

See past QMWS committees:


Our History

In 1896 Australia’s first medical women’s society was formed by an inspiring group of ten Victorian female doctors, including Constance Stone.

The AFMW was formed in 1927 and today the AFMW offers an important network for female doctors Australia wide.

In 1929 QMWS was formed. 

The History of the Medical Women’s Societies

National & International Affiliates

Interested in being involved?

We welcome new members and participation in QMWS activities.