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AMA Women in Medicine Breakfast 2023

The AMA Queensland Women in Medicine Brisbane Breakfast 2023 was held this year at Waters Edge, Hamilton from 7am -10am. The topic of the morning was mentoring.

It was a wonderful event where female doctors and students were able to mingle together looking out over the river, drinking coffee and eating breakfast canapes before going into the sit-down area where people met new people or caught up with people in their own years that they had not seen for years and years.

Maroochy Barambah, the First Nations women who gave the Welcome to Country and also sang Advance Australia Fair in her Turrbal language, grew up in Cherbourg. She went on to study music, become an opera singer who studied in Germany and sang at the AFL Grand Final. She knows the families of the female doctors who have received our NCWQ and Purple Bush Medicine Leaves bursaries.

Dr Maria Boulton, who was previously Vice-President of the QMWS and is now AMAQ President introduced Hon Shannon Fentiman as the Special Guest Speaker. She is the Queensland Government Minister for Health, Mental Health, Ambulance and Women. Dr Jennifer Schafer, who is also on our QMWS Committee as the Australian Federation of Medical Women rep, gave the keynote speaker address then our Mentoring Panel were introduced – Dr Maria Boulton, Dr Ira van der Steenstraten (our QMWS President ) Alisha Tang, Heidi Cooper and Daniele Doyle. They both spoke about the roles that mentoring had in their lives and received questions from the floor.

We were able to chat and talk afterward the formal speeches were over as well.
It was a truly great event to have been a part of.

Dr Kathryn Mainstone
Treasurer, Queensland Medical Women’s Society
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