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Photos of the bursary recipients and the sponsor logos

Congratulations to the 2022 QMWS Bursary Recipients

Congratulations to the three recipients of the 2022 QMWS Buraries. We would like to express our gratitude to the NCWQ and the sponsors AMAQ and Mater Health.

This year’s Bursary recipients:

  • Sarah Gaukroger – Recipient of the 2022 QMWS Bursary
  • Lucinda Connolly – Recipient of the 2022 AMAQ (QMWS) Professor Tess Cramond Memorial Bursary, and
  • Julia-Rose Satre – Recipient of the 2022 Mater Health (QMWS) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bursary.


Sarah Gaukroger – Recipient of the 2022 QMWS Bursary

Sarah GaukrogerSarah is a second year Doctor of Medicine student at UQ, following from a Bachelor of Science (biomedicine). With Interests in health equity and women’s and gender diverse health, Sarah is involved in Towards International Medical Equity (TIME), with activities including birthing kit packing nights and seminars. This also allows the development of strong leadership and advocacy skills.

Sarah is also passionate about seeing more women in leadership roles within medicine. She learns from incredible speakers at medical conferences and various events, finding role models in the women already taking on these positions. Sarah will use the QMWS bursary funds to attend the Australian Medical Students Association Global Health Conference, Melbourne, in August. This conference covers many important global health themes, with special interest in ‘Identity, Anatomy and Medicine’ which will discuss queer and gender diverse experiences in health, as
well as obstetrics and gynaecology.

Outside of studying, Sarah is the lighting manager for the UQ Medical Society Med Revue. She also runs social events for The Ashintosh Foundation, a charity focussed on improving the health of the local community. Interests in a specialty are currently in orthopaedic surgery or the rural generalist but these could change over time.


Lucinda Connolly – Recipient of the 2022 AMAQ (QMWS) Professor Tess Cramond Memorial Bursary

Lucinda (Lucy) ConnollyLucinda (Lucy) is a first-year medical student at UQ. Initially choosing a career path to become a high school science teacher, Lucy developed a keen interest in biomedical science during this
training, so after graduating decided that medicine was the perfect intersection of science and human interaction. Although early in her medical degree, Lucy hopes to become a General Practitioner or Rural Generalist. This idea has been greatly inspired by one of her tutors, a female GP involved in training and accrediting GPs. Hearing her stories of developing long term connections with her patients is exactly Lucy’s inspiration to be a doctor.

Growing up in the regional area of Gympie has provided the further goal of practicing in a rural environment. This bursary will enable Lucy to attend the Rural Medicine Australia Convention in
Canberra in October. This event is an opportunity to engage with medical students, junior doctors, and experts, to develop her own skills and to hear from highly respected speakers. An accompanying event for “future generalists” will allow the development of connections with likeminded students to take further into her career. Lucy is incredibly grateful to the NCWQ, AMAQ and QMWS for making this a reality.


Julia-Rose Satre – Recipient of the 2022 Mater Health (QMWS) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bursary

Julia-Rose SatreJulia-Rose is a Yawuru woman who grew up on country in Broome and Cairns. Her family had close relations with the healthcare sector due to co-morbidities and illnesses they suffered. She
has been privy to the inequality in healthcare that  occurs due to location, with dwindling resources, and reduced services. However, one thing that stood out was the phenomenal healthcare workers who serviced these towns.

Currently a final year Doctor of Medicine student at Griffith University Julia-Rose is on the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway commencing next year. She wants to be part of Closing the Gap. It would in turn help her, not only to return home to country, but help to give back to her communities. She aspires to train and to work both in primary healthcare settings, and in the areas of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, hoping to work in communities to help women have safe births on country.

As part of a Rural workforce and community, JuliaRose hopes to use this Bursary to attend next year’s Rural Doctors Association Conference. This will provide an opportunity to expand academically, connect with other Rural doctors and  provide leadership and mentoring to the future generation of Rural Doctors. Julia-Rose is grateful for this support to reach her aspirations.