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QMWS Recognises International Women’s Day

From QMWS President, Dr Ira van der Steenstraten.
On #IWD2021 we celebrate the amazing women that have gone before us, walk with us and will come after us. I am incredibly honoured to be elected the 2021 President of QMWS and step in the footsteps of some truly amazing powerhouse women that all understood we can achieve so much when we come together and feel supported by our peers.
It was so exciting when Dr Zelle Hodge showed us the minutes of the very first QMWS meeting in 1929. These books belong in a museum and will be donated. But for a moment we were able to hold them and be inspired by those powerhouse women. They did not have a widely celebrated IWD. Thanks to them, we now have so many more opportunities. However, some workplace issues are still challenging and we will be working together to make a better future for those women coming after us. I hope all genders will collaborate to achieve this.
Have a wonderful IWD!