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Young AFMW Core Confidence scholarship – Applications close August 19

AFMW are pleased to announce a scholarship for one young AFMW member to participate in a 10-week online program, called Acts of Confidence, which will equip you with the practical tools required to create an amazing future full of possibilities!

Find out about the Acts of Confidence program here.

To be considered for the scholarship, please send a cover letter to [email protected] including:
1) Full Name
2) State medical women’s organisation of which you are a member
3) A core part of the Acts of Confidence Program is to take small acts of confidence each week, stair-casing your way toward one BIG Act of Confidence. Some examples in the past include applying for a promotion opportunity, taking a lead role in a new project or tackling some tough performance situations. If you were to be successful in being awarded a Scholarship in the program, what would your BIG Act of Confidence be?
4) When it comes to Acts of Confidence, we know that one of the biggest challenges is the roadblocks and red-flags that often stop us taking actions, things like self-doubt and fear of failure. What roadblocks do you anticipate may come up as you step up into your BIG Act of Confidence?

The due date for this scholarship is 14 August!

Young AFMW (yAFMW) is the AFMW committee for medical students, female doctors fewer than 7 yrs since graduation and those aged younger than 40 yrs. Find out more about AFMW membership here.