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2021 QMWS Student Bursary winners announced

QMWS is delighted to announce the winners of our inaugural NCWQ Student Bursaries.

Congratulations to Jessica Ling, winner of the QMWS Bursary and to Lily Aboud, winner of the AMAQ / QMWS Professor Tess Cramond Memorial Bursary.

Jessica Ling – QMWS Bursary Recipient 2021

With interests in preventative health, primary care and hospital medicine, Jessica is looking forward to using her bursary to meet with and learn from other medical women. Through these experiences, she hopes to work towards helping all medical women achieve their potential.

About the Bursary:
Inspirational role models and mentoring opportunities are instrumental in inspiring, shaping and supporting extraordinary careers. This bursary supports female medical students’ involvement in local and international conferences and networking opportunities, so that they may reach their full potential, achieve their dreams, and work towards truely equitable health outcomes for all.  

Lily Aboud – AMAQ / QMWS Professor Tess Cramond Memorial Bursary Recipient 2021

Personal and professional experiences have ignited in Lily a passion for health equity, particularly for those impacted by geographical isolation.  With a track record of accomplishments that is already impressive, Lily hopes to use her bursary to attend an international or virtual global health conference.

About the Bursary:
The career of Professor Tess Cramond, former President of AMAQ, as an anaesthetist continues to inspire generations of medical women. This bursary supports female medical students to attend an AMA or Medical Women’s Society event in order to foster leadership skills necessary to address gender inequity in medicine. 

Read more about the 2021 NCWQ QMWS Bursary program here.