Re:Set Online Self Compassion Masterclass

The next QMWS Self Compassion Masterclass is on November 21st. Tickets on sale now:

Burnt Out? Suffering from Compassion fatigue?





Working with Self-Compassion during and after Covid-19.

So far Australia has managed to avoid the worst of the Covid pandemic. However, the pressure on our healthcare system keeps increasing. There is much uncertainty, especially with the new Covid variants and lockdowns. This is increasing burnout among doctors and many of us are feeling compassion fatigued.

In this 3-hour online Masterclass Re:Set you will learn the tools to:

  1. Help you Recover. What difficult things are you currently encountering? What is draining your energy? What still needs your attention?
  2. Help you Rebuild. What have you learned from the past year? What is really important to you? What do you absolutely need for yourself?
  3. And Start Change. What do you want to keep? What do you want to change? And how do you get it right?

Self-Compassion is a ‘source of wisdom’. Self-Compassion means treating yourself as you would treat a good friend. Research has shown that Self-Compassion decreases stress, anxiety, depression, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue, and improves resilience, self-care, engagement, wellbeing and quality of care in doctors and other healthcare workers.

Together with a group of likeminded women doctors you will be working on your personal Re:Set in a positive, warm and inspiring way so that you can continue to work with calm strength and meaningful energy and enjoy life!

Facilitated by Dr Marga GoorenMarga has worked as a General Practitioner in The Netherlands and China for ten years. She switched careers in 2010 and now helps (female) doctors to live a balanced, satisfying and meaningful life through her individual coaching, training and writing. She has published two books in Dutch: ‘Heart for the Doctor, working with Self-Compassion’ (2020) and ‘Resilience for female physicians’ (2021), which are in the process of being translated into English. 

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